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Preparing for a future move: COVID edition

Available until October 9th only- download Girls Gone Working's newest guide perfect for those of you that plan to move abroad but don't feel like today is the day.

There's a lot of reasons why you might not want to move abroad right now & I think for most of us, it's COVID related.
No one really knows what the world will look like next year or even in the next few months and that's scary but isn't it better if you take control of that fear & uncertainty and work towards a future that excites you instead?

Instead of waiting for that "right" moment to start preparing, do the leg work now so when that moment does feel better, you'll already be ready.

That's why I created a guide all about steps you can take to prepare for a future move abroad with COVID in mind. COVID has turned the usual way of doing things on it's head. This guide is up to date and all about what moving abroad looks like today- given border closures and visas on pause.

It's divided into 10 areas of preparation to get you ready when you do feel ready. These are things you can pace on your own to fit a timeframe that feels good to you. It's video-based with a few bonus PDFs sprinkled.

Here's what you'll get:
1. Intro
2. Choosing your where
3. Long-term visa options
4. Jobs in-country
5. Jobs online
6. Friends & family
7. Money in the bank
8. Selling, storing & renting
9. Moving with pets
10. Dream big, baby
11. Plan b & c
12. Wrap-up

Grab it now until it moves to the vault on October 9th for 1:1 clients only.

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