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Asia is vast- in all aspects! Culture floods the streets, the landscapes are extremely diverse, each countries local cuisine is mouthwatering and, most importantly to the Girls Gone Working, jobs (especially as an English teacher) are abundant.

Browse the jobs & expat guides for Vietnam

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What It's Like to Teach English Abroad in Vietnam at APAX English Center

Wanting to teach English abroad in Vietnam? Check out what it's like to teach abroad with APAX Vietnam. Get the insider's peak into what training is like, how job placement works and if APAX Vietnam is the right fit for you.
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A Guide to Live Abroad in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Find out what it's like to live in chaotic Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam as an expat. Understand the districts, learn how to rent an apartment and what neighborhood is right for you. With so many things to do and so many expats from all over the world, there's a reason everyone should move to Saigon.
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5 Steps to Teach English in Vietnam

Find a school that's right for you with the plethora of teaching English jobs always available in Vietnam. It's even possible to teach English abroad in Vietnam without a TEFL or without a degree. There are so many options to teach English abroad in Vietnam!

Browse the jobs & expat guides for South Korea

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A Guide to Living Abroad in Jeonju, South Korea

Jeonju, South Korea is a quiet city brimming with history, culture and world-renowned food. There are many reasons you should visit Jeonju and even more as to why you should consider moving there, especially those looking for a quieter life compared to Seoul and Busan.
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How to find work in Seoul NOT as an English Teacher

Find out how to live and work in South Korea. If you don't want to teach English abroad in Seoul, find out how to get different jobs for foreigners. Learn tips to transfer your skills outside of the classroom and into a different industry.
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How to teach English in South Korea: A Beginner's Guide

Learn all you need to know to teach English abroad in Seoul! Find out the requirements, how to get a job and what it's really like working abroad in Korea. Also know how to avoid the horror stories to land a job at a reputable school!

Browse the jobs & expat guides for Myanmar

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A Beginner's Guide to Living Abroad in Yangon, Myanmar

Thinking about moving abroad to Yangon? Get all your biggest questions answered in this article! Learn about cost of living, transport, visas, fun things to do in the city and 8 big tips I wish I knew before moving to Yangon!
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How to Teach English Abroad in Myanmar (without a degree and not as a native speaker)

Find a job teaching English abroad in Myanmar with or without a degree. Use MyTEFL for job placement or find a job on your own. I have loved my teaching job in Myanmar (Burma) so let me help you find a job, too!

Browse the jobs & expat guides for China

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An Insider's Look at Teaching English with English First in China

Want to teach English in China? Get hired by an established English center, English First. Read this English First China review to see if it's the right job for you. Understand the requirements to teach English in China and getting hired by English First.
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Exactly How You Can Start Teaching English in China

Want to teach English in China? Find out the truth about teaching English in China! Understand the requirements and compare and contrast teaching English at a private school, kindergartens, universities and language academies.

Browse the jobs & expat guides for the UAE

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All You Need to Know To Teach P.E. in Dubai, UAE

Find out how to be a physical education teacher abroad. Teach in international schools in Dubai or around the UAE. Learn how to land a job as a PE teacher in Dubai and what it's like once you're working there.
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How to Get Hired as an English teacher in Dubai, UAE

Know what it takes to teach English in Dubai as a woman. Know how to get the best job as English teacher abroad in Dubai. Find a reputable recruiter and get insider tips to nail your interview!

Browse the jobs & expat guides for Hong Kong

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A Guide to Living Abroad in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a hot, busy city. It’s full of life and culture at every turn but is it the right city for you to live abroad? Get advice on moving to Hong Kong, some things to know before moving and how to settle in as an expat in Hong Kong.
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How You Can Teach English in Hong Kong

Work in the hustling city of Hong Kong! Teach English abroad in Hong Kong. Find out the requirements and get the insider tips to getting hired in schools around Hong Kong. Learn the pros and cons to teaching English in kindergartens, private schools and English centers.

Browse the jobs & expat guides for Thailand

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An Expat's Guide to Living Abroad in Bangkok, Thailand

Here are 8 things all expats planning to move to Bangkok should know. Find out the best area to live and the cost of living. Also get tips on how to find a job in Thailand, as a teacher or not and what to do for fun on your off days!
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Living Abroad in Koh Phangan, Thailand: It's More Than Just the Full-Moon Party

Ever considered moving away to a tropical island? If you're looking for a beautiful island with plenty to do and a vibrant community of people from around the world, look no further than Koh Phangan, Thailand.
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Living in Thailand on the Non-Immigrant "ED" Visa

Here's what you need to know about the Non-Immigrant "ED" Visa in Thailand. Read the updated rules and how to avoid the crackdown. Learn Thai for a year in Thailand thanks to the education visa.
Gone Working

A Complete Guide to Teaching English in Thailand

Get ready to teach English in Thailand! Find out how to get a job in Bangkok or in any other big city in Thailand. Understand the requirements and tips to getting hired. If you have no experience teaching English abroad, trust TEFLpros to get certified and help you with job placement.
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Volunteer in Phuket, Thailand for Free

Looking for a volunteer opportunity? Volunteer as an English teacher in Phuket, Thailand with Phuket Has Been Good To Us. Find out what volunteer opportunities are open in Phuket!

Browse the jobs & expat guides for Japan

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How to Work & Travel in Japan on a Working Holiday Visa

Here's all you need to know about the Working Holiday visa Japan! With this Working Holiday visa you can live and work legally in Japan for 1 year. See if your nationality is on the list of those accepted to apply! Spend the year working between the ski slopes and agriculture.

Browse the jobs & expat guides for the Philippines

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The Perfect Internship Abroad with GoAbroad.com in the Philippines

Are you looking for a content marketing internship abroad? GoAbroad.com offers a six-month content marketing internship in the Philippines. Fulfill your travel bug while gaining marketing experience… abroad!

Browse the jobs & expat guides for Singapore

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6 Big Questions Answered Before You Move Abroad to Singapore

Singapore is a tiny island city-state known for its modern buildings, clean streets and huge cultural diversity. Find out from what life in Singapore is like for foreigners to weigh the pros and cons of moving there yourself!

Browse the jobs & expat guides for Taiwan

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A Guide to Moving Abroad to Taipei, Taiwan

Voted the best city to live and work abroad in 2020, find out how you can move to Taipei, Taiwan! Get the insider's scoop on the best neighborhoods to live in as an expat and how to ease into life in the bustling Asian city.

Browse the jobs & expat guides for Indonesia

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A Beginner's Guide to Living in Bali, Indonesia

Interested in moving to the tropical island of Bali, Indonesia? Get an expat's opinion as to why she chose to call it home. Understand how to get a visa, the cost of living and what jobs to do while living in Bali.
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