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Browse the jobs & expat guides for Australia

Gone Living
The Basics for Living Abroad on the Gold Coast, Australia
Want to move overseas to Australia? Consider the Gold Coast! Find out why it's a great place to live as an expat or for a year on the Work and Holiday visa. Learn how to find a job and what the cost of living is like.
Gone Working
How to get a Working Holiday Visa for Australia
Find out everything you need to know about Australia's work and holiday visa! Know the processing time, age limit and what jobs are available to you with the Working Holiday Visa in Australia.

Browse the jobs & expat guides for New Zealand

Gone Working
4 Steps to a Successful Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand
Live and work, if you want, in New Zealand for a year with New Zealand's Working Holiday visa. Understands the steps to getting a working holiday visa in New Zealand, tips to explore the island and how to get a job once you're in New Zealand.
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