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Ana Goetz

Ana studied graphic design and photography in high school. She soon realized with her love of photography she didn't need to go to university. She started to travel and work as a photographer. Although that’s her big passion, as a curious person, she loves to learn and try different jobs, too. Her latest venture is teaching English is Myanmar.


A fearless and fierce African panda trying to teach cubs in the Middle East while eating her way through the rest of the world! Teaching, traveling, spicy food, photographing, pandas, eating, cycling, and making kids laugh are a few of her favorite things. Follow her blog for a raw account of traveling the world on a 3rd world passport and as someone who lives on the brink of multiple cultures.

Angela Minervini

Angela enjoys traveling, fitness and food! After teaching for 5 years in the UK she had itchy feet and decided to take the leap and teach abroad. She has called Dubai home for the last 4 years where she worked in an international school as a PE and dance teacher, doing personal training on the side. Now she's ready for a new challenge and is off to travel Mexico, Central and South America, whilst personal training online.

Angela Weathersby

Angela is Hawaii born, state-side raised. A lefty who set off into the great, wide world with her ukelele wanting to learn more about fostering community and culture. She now considers Colombia home, but will travel great lengths for a good curry. Watch for her projects by following Colectivo Krioyo, AKASH, or by looking out for her in the Girls Gone Working community.

Aurélie Mika

Aurélie is a 25 year old from the South of France. She started traveling as a child with her parents and hasn't stopped since! She had her first experience working abroad in Australia and since then she's worked all over the world in the hospitality industry. She loves traveling the world and seeing what it has to offer.

Bonnie Blake

Bonnie Blake, from Hertfordshire, UK is currently living on the Eastern Cape of South Africa. She qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2013 and has since travelled to 45 countries and has been working in 5 countries in the last 5 years. She loves all of the exotic animals she is able to work with and seeing the differences and similarities in each country.

Bonnie Moroney

Originally from a small coastal town on the east coast of Australia, Bonnie has been lucky enough to circumnavigate the world several times whilst working as a yacht stewardess on some beautiful mega yachts. Bonnie's happiest when cooking for loved ones and having friends over to wine and dine them. With no kids, husband or animals she loves the freedom of being able to travel whenever she can.

Brittney Swartzendruber

Brittney is a 22 year old American currently living in France. She loves cooking, gardening, writing, art, spontaneous adventures and of course traveling! She speaks English and is learning French. She has been to every state accept Hawaii and has traveled to Canada, Mexico, England, Iceland and France. This summer she plans to go to Morocco, Belgium, Spain and Portugal.


Bryana was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. She loves music and dancing, as well as learning new languages. She's currently a flight attendant and in love with her job and amazing flight benefits! In her spare time, she's usually reading, writing or exploring new cities! Follow up with her adventures around the world on her blog and YouTube channel.

Chelsea White

Chelsea is a California beach bum at heart, currently learning to love snowy winters. Her first international trip was a college graduation gift touring 9 countries in Europe and she never stopped daydreaming about it. She's volunteered and worked for nonprofits her whole life and thinks the only way she could ever make a living is to make others' lives easier. Keep up with her life in Germany through her husband's YouTube.

Denae McGaha

For someone who never intended to be a teacher, Denae enjoys it quite a lot. She got a TEFL certificate to travel the world, and traded the evergreen forests of the Pacific Northwest for the metropolitan life in Budapest, Hungary. When she’s not teaching English to her adorable kindergarteners, you can find her writing about favorite spots in Budapest and different opportunities for others to study/work/live abroad.

Emily Rose

Emily Rose is a Minnesota native who sold her belongings, got out of her lease, and decided to chase her dreams around the globe! Living out of a suitcase and working around the world, she traveled 26 countries in her first year of her newly nomadic lifestyle. From Oktoberfest in Germany, to the beaches of Mexico and all over Europe- she has worked an exciting array of travel jobs which she now shares on her blog.

Eva Chan

Eva was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. After graduation, Eva moved to South Korea, where she stayed for 3.5 years, for some “Seoul-searching!” Currently she is living in Taipei, Taiwan. If not meeting friends, napping, or reading at a cafe, Eva is always on the lookout for chill music events and the best bubble tea.

Hannah Ruppert

Hannah is just a small-town girl who was living in a lonely world. She took the midnight plane going anywhere. “Anywhere” meant from Illinois to South Korea. She loves to travel the world often, but she always comes back to where her SEOUL is most at home (pun intended). She thinks that ice cream is the solution to everything and is universally delicious.

Haylie Collins

After 22 years of living in Florida, Haylie was ready to try something new when she graduated from university. She decided to leave the U.S. for the first time and teach English in South Korea. Next, she moved to Vietnam where she has taught as a primary school teacher for the past two years. Next stop on the list is Latin America where she hopes to continue teaching Yoga and experiencing new cultures!

Irene Klaassen

The last few years she was infected with the travel virus and decided to explore the world. After volunteering as a nurse 2 times (Thailand and Ghana) she dreamed about working on an island, with sunshine on her mind everyday and getting paid to do so. She now feels so lucky to work in Aruba and to see what the healthcare is like in yet another country. Who knows where her next destination will be?

Jasmine Murphy

Born & raised in a small town in Canada, she always knew there was more to life. Once she took my first trip at age 16, she couldn’t stop. After working on cruise ships for years, she moved abroad to Spain for a new adventure. Her life is filled with positivity, love, and joy! Find her at a park reading one of her hundreds of books or dancing the night away. She believes time is one of the most valuable things in life, and it’s not meant to be wasted!

Jocelyn Pollak

Jocelyn is an English teacher/trainer and the co-founder of, an award winning TEFL course. She has a passion for teaching English and for training the next generation of English teachers. TEFLPros is a 120-hour fully accredited online course that focuses on practical skills and helping you feel supported and prepared as you begin your TEFL journey. Jocelyn has travelled to 40+ countries and taught English in more than 10.

Kaitlyn Kuffert

Kaitlyn is from Saskatchewan, Canada. After completing undergrad, she moved to Seoul for one year to work as an English teacher. After completing the year she did some backpacking in Asia. She is currently living in Prague and taking every opportunity to travel around Europe on weekends or holidays. She spends her free time at music events or surrounding herself with nature. Whether that means going for a hike or drinking some great Czech beer in a park.

Kat Smith

Kat, our GGW founder, is an adventurous wanderer who packed up and moved abroad 6 years ago. Since then she's been a teacher, tour guide, yacht stewardess and a volunteer. Her idea of a happy place is on the beach with her husband, a cute pup and a good book. She recently relocated to Da Nang, Vietnam to live out her dream of living on the beach. For now that's home but who knows where the next year will take her!

Melissa Nance

When cancer came knocking at her door Melissa starting to see things in a new way. She realized that later is now and that she had to get busy making dreams a reality. She stepped away from her 20 year career as a nonprofit executive director to live the life of a traveling nomad. She talked her husband into a life of travel and they rented out their house, paid cash for an older RV, and set out to travel for as long as they could.

Phoenicia Schwing

Phoenicia is an English teacher, freelance writer, and a travel blogger. When she isn't writing or wrangling three year-olds, she can be found language learning in her favorite coffee shop, exploring the city on her motorbike, at home attempting yet another copycat recipe or cuddling her cat, Puppy. She currently calls China home.

Samantha Terry

Sam is a Georgia born girl in Southeast Asia. Her drive to go abroad began while she was teaching in Athens, GA and had the thought, "I want to see how other kids learn in different countries". So, she packed her bags, heard that she was crazy about a million times and took the plunge. She now lives in northern Vietnam with her husband in the city of Cam Pha. Her happy place is with a good book, her husband and sunshine.

Saskia Van Riessen

As a Minneapolis-born girl with dual citizenship in the Netherlands, Saskia has loved to travel since she was a girl. This wanderlust has brought her to 24 different countries with childlike wonder. She has soft spots for Rome, where she studied abroad, and Madrid, where she taught English after graduating. Her favorite part about traveling is finding hidden gems – a hole-in-the-wall family restaurant, a breathtaking view or the best gelato in the city.

Scarlett Vogle

Rugby, volleyball, and tag rugby keep her busy nearly every night of the week after work. Acupuncture, the beach, and pool help her relax on days off. While Hong Kong was never on her bucket list to visit, let alone live in, she's made a nice life there in a short time with her many incredible, international friends. She reckons you can find her teaching kiddos what sound ‘A’ makes for the next five years or so before she's off to the next continent.

Spencer McIntyre

Spencer is a free-spirited artist and musician. She is passionate about social justice, healthy food, books, cats, travel, and telling authentic stories. She has the soul of a nomad and loves using Workaway to find ethical, grassroots volunteer opportunities around the world. She see's the world and all its people as sacred and wants to enter each experience with a commitment to compassion and shared learning.

Wiedaad Jappie

Wiedaad is an Interior Designer hailing all the way from South Africa. A 31 year old gypsying her way through life. Traveling was always a dream of hers as she was so scurrilous to see what was beyond her comfort zone. One day she decided to pack up, take the plunge and never looked back. Her first stop was China, after 3 years there she then decided to move to Vietnam. She lives for adventures, beautiful views and roller blading.
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