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Gone Working

in Myanmar as an English Teacher

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Ana Goetz
for those interested in

It's possible to teach in Myanmar without a degree or without being a native English speaker. Most countries require both and can make the dream of teaching English difficult for those who don't have one or both of those requirements. Don't let it get you down though, there are still options for you!

To make yourself a competitive recruit, you should get a TEFL certification. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the English teaching acronyms (TEFL vs. TESOL vs. CELTA, etc.) and don't know which certification is right for you, check out this handy guide to understanding the lingo. While there are many companies that provide this, I chose MyTEFL because even after I was certified, they continued to support me and set me up with the job I have now. It's a great option for people that are new to teaching that do not yet know their options. Another great TEFL option is with TEFLPros. Check out more information about this company through a graduate using her certification currently in Thailand.

MyTEFL Course

I decided to do my 120 hours TEFL course for teaching English just in case I wanted to try out that profession. When I came to Asia, I heard a lot of foreign people who were working as English teachers in Asia. I became curious and wanted to try it for myself. After becoming certified, I went back on MyTEFL page, found their contact and asked them if they had some jobs available for me anywhere around Asia.

As soon as they confirmed my work in Myanmar, I bought my one way ticket.


-Applicant must be between 19 and 45 years old
-Ideally a native English speaker (I’m not, so some schools don’t search for it)
-Ideally CA, US, UK, SA, AU, or NZ passport holder (I have EU passport, so again it depends)

Teach English abroad in Myanmar
Embracing my freedom in Myanmar

What’s included with MyTEFL:

-Internationally Recognized TEFL Certificate
-Official letter of recommendation with course breakdown
-Full tutor & tech support
-24/7 worldwide access to your course
-Charitable contribution  
-Lengthy course & library access


It opens the world for you. This happens by living and working within a community outside of the tourist bubble. You’re not limited to just one place either – with a TEFL certificate you can teach in over 40 countries! You don’t need to have any degree and your TEFL never expires. Since they have online courses (which are even cheaper), you can get it from anywhere you are. You also get the best customer service and they can help you later with the job placement or any further questions.

  • QUALITY COURSES  - The ideal blend of theory and practicality
  • ACCREDITED - Accepted by employers around the world
  • ONLINE - Convenience & value
  • AFFORDABLE - TEFL Courses start at $139
  • JOB PLACEMENT - An amazing job lined up for you
  • GIVING BACK - We make a donation for every course enrollment
  • SUPPORT - A dedicated tutor and our famous customer service
  • LIFELONG - Your TEFL never expires

Life here in Myanmar feels like back in time! Teachers are so grateful and kind. I feel blessed to work in such a job and my students are little angels.

Teach English abroad in Myanmar
Taking learning outside

Can I start anytime?

First you need to apply for a TEFL course and finish it to become certified. This takes around 1 month. Once you get it, you should start searching for your destination flight!

For example: I finished my course, contacted MyTEFL customer service and asked them if there about job availability in Asia. In about a week they replied to me that I could apply to this job in Myanmar and start working soon.

What do I need to get hired?

-Cover letter
-CV or resume
-Recent photo
-Scan of your passport
-Scan of your degree (if you have a degree)
-Fill the form (why would you like to teach, your experience etc.)
-Video representation(they want to hear your voice and experience)

Later you will make a job appointment interview through Skype.

Teach English abroad in Myanmar
Embracing the local culture in temple

Will they find a job for me?

Yes, they will but the price will be around $800. Their advice is free but you pay for extended assistance in job placement and getting you settled in your new community.

What’s included:
-Pre-departure preparation assistance
-Airport pickup & transfers from your destination
-1 week of orientation (in the city that you will choose to work), with accommodations
-Cultural activities & excursions (in the city where you will be, you will go with other new MyTEFL teachers and assistants)
-Job placement with salary guarantee
-Myanmar Sim card
-24/7 on the ground assistance in the country where you will be working

+ they give you 300$ refund if you make a short review video of your teaching( and post it on YouTube)

Just to be clear, there is always a chance for you to find jobs without their help as well, but they for sure make it easier and faster for you.

Will they find the accommodation for me?

Yes, they will help you to find the accommodation. Sometimes the school can even provide you one of their accommodations, but then you might get less salary. You can choose between different types of accommodation. Hostel, where you share room with others, hostel with a private room, fancy apartment or casual apartment. It depends on what you like. Price can be very different! For example; I chose a shared room in a hostel and I paid 32$ for a month. But if I’d like to have a private room, it would be 160$. For an apartment it would be around 200$ for a month.

How long are the contracts with the schools?

You can choose between 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. Of course if you like the job and the school likes you, then you can also extend your stay. Or if you don’t like it, you can stop the contract. My advice is to choose short term at the start, because later you can still extend it.

Teach English abroad in Myanmar
Exploring the local swimming spot

I like to learn new things and be productive in life because I simply can't do nothing. I have done many different jobs while traveling (tour guide, waiter, chef, volunteer, etc..) but mainly they were focused on photography, which has become my profession.

I put 100% in everything I do. I try to learn as much as I can from everything in this life. But the most I believe that the world is the best school you will ever choose. As short as my name, as short I can withstand without getting new experiences.This time as an English teacher in Myanmar.

NEW UPDATE: For safety concerns about Myanmar, we highly recommend you read this article before considering it as your next destination. There are many safe and lovely places to visit and live in this country but there are areas that are not recommended to visit.


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