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Welcome to the heart of GGW, I mean it is in the name after all. This here is what we're all about. Showing you some jobs that won't hold you back but instead will get you out of your comfort zone and into the world.

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Check the jobs and stories about Teaching

in Prague as an English Teacher

The Czech Republic has been called the heart of Europe and I have found it well deserving of this title. Ready to come see for yourself?

in Hong Kong as an English Teacher

Hong Kong is a bustling city with never ending options of things to do, foods to try and culture to experience, even on an English teacher's salary.

in China with English First

With so many options to teach abroad, make the easy choice and get started with a reputable and international English center.

in Budapest as an English Teacher

Live and work in one of Europe's best cities! Get your visa sponsored and your apartment paid for with this company.

in Dubai as an English Teacher

Consider Dubai as your next destination! It's a lot of luxury and exotic views but there is so much more to make it a perfect contender for your next home.

in China as an English Teacher

With numerous options to teach English in China, Phoenicia breaks down each option so you can make a decision that's right for you.

in Myanmar as an English Teacher

Find a job as an English Teacher without a university degree or without being a native English speaker!

in Spain with BEDA

Open to many nationalities and not as strict as other programs, teach English in Spain with BEDA.

in Seoul NOT as an English Teacher

Want to live in Seoul but tired of teaching English? Eva shares how she transitioned to an Office Manager for Hyundai-Kia

in Vietnam with APAX

Avoid the hassle of finding an English teaching job abroad and go with an established program like APAX.

in Seoul as an English Teacher

Korea is unlike anywhere I've traveled before. Dive into the country that brought you K-Pop, K-Dramas and Korean Fried Chicken.

Remotely with VIPKID

Looking for a job to take on the road with you? Or maybe just some extra income to help save for that dream trip you're planning. Either way, VIPKID might be just for you!

in Vietnam as an English Teacher

Give yourself some freedom to choose a school that's right for you with the plethora of openings always available to experienced teachers. Or if you're new to teaching, here's a great spot to test the water and get some hours in.

Check the jobs and stories about Work & Holiday Visas

in Australia on a Work & Holiday Visa

Become eligible for just about any job under the Australian sun with this visa. Enjoy paradise before you turn 30 with a few visa options that might be right for you!

Check the jobs and stories about the Non-Profit Sector

in Germany with American Red Cross Overseas

Ever wondered what a life in the non-profit sector can mean? Chelsea will prove to you that hard work and dedication pays off.

Check the jobs and stories about Sports & Recreation

in Dubai as a P.E. Teacher

If you're a teacher in your home country but looking for a change, consider Dubai as your next location!

Abroad as a Yoga Instructor

Interested into turing your passion of yoga into a job abroad? Haylie has done just that in South Korea and now Vietnam.

Check the jobs and stories about Hospitality

in the USA at a National Park

If you love the outdoors and want to be paid to work and live in the national park of you're choice, this one is for you!

in the Air as a Flight Attendant

Interested in an office in the sky? Read on for full requirements and details of becoming a flight attendant.

Around the World on a Cruise Ship

Interested in a job where you can travel WHILE working? With countless job openings on cruise ships, you could easily find your passion there.

Abroad as a Spring Break Destination Rep

Looking for the perfect seasonal job in paradise? Get paid to socialize, party and meet new people all month long.

as a Yacht Stewardess

Working in the yacht world will give you access to remote places and stable paychecks in exchange for hard work and attention to detail.

Check the jobs and stories about Volunteering

Abroad with Workaway

Workaway is a hub for grassroots volunteer opportunities around the world available to anyone with a desire to experience an authentic exchange.

Check the jobs and stories about Medical Sector

Abroad as a Registered Nurse

If you're a registered nurse, you can take your work abroad to hospitals around the world.

Abroad as a Veterinary Nurse

Combine your love for animals with your love for travel in this unique and rewarding field as a Veterinary Nurse.

Check the jobs and stories about Child Care

in France as an Au Pair

Enjoy spending time with kids but don't have the requirements or desire to teach? Become an au pair in France or anywhere else in the world!
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